Some Tough Nuts
to Crack?

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Tough Nut

“Imagination is one of the last remaining legal means you have to gain an unfair advantage over your competition.”   Ed McCabe

Effective email direct marketing campaigns can reach out to your existing customers and help you target new audiences. We can help define those key individuals and organisations and generate truly creative ideas for your eDM campaign. Completely trackable, you get to see results instantly and in real time.

Social Media
Once the domain of only the techies amongst us, now social media channels such as Linked In and Twitter can provide businesses with a useful opportunity to connect with key decision makers and influencers and communicate effectively. We work hard to get you connected with the right people and organisations which can lead to doors opening for your business. And we can manage it entirely on your behalf.

Direct Marketing
With ever increasing technology at our fingertips, sometimes it’s easy to forget about traditional methods of communication which can still be amazingly effective; and in some cases, even more so than the digital variety. Research shows that more people remember a message when seen in print than electronically – so choose your creative campaign carefully and target your audience wisely and you have a winning combination.

Magazines & Newsletters
A perfect opportunity for your business to communicate with key stakeholders, existing customers and new audiences in a ‘softer’ way whilst still conveying your core messages and brand values. We started creating these for leading organisations about 15 years ago so we know a thing or two about what makes them work for you.

It’s a skill to translate the core messages of your business into interesting copy that your audience really want to read. Whether the copy is for an advert, website or for your company collateral, we can create the tone - and then hone it - so it’s spot on.

New brochures and literature? White papers? Or perhaps some customer case studies that really show off what your business can do? We can manage the process entirely on your behalf. We research, write and handle the creative as if it were our own brand and we can also deal with the print and distribution as well as uploading the pdfs to your website. If you’re time poor, you can be confident that this is one thing you can tick off your list.

Big or small, there is probably an App to suit your business. It can be off the shelf and tweaked for your individual needs or it can be entirely bespoke. Talk to us to find out what the possibilities are and we can give you an idea of budget to see if it’s something your business chooses to turn into reality. One of our recent Apps was the No.1 Business App on the Apple Store on launch.

If it’s time for a refresh then we can generate some fantastic ideas and write the copy for you, optimised for Search Engines (SEO) and provide the images. Or if you need to start from scratch we can sort that out from start to finish for you, including hosting.

We want your marketing to be amazing. It’s what drives us. We want you to blow your competition out of the water; knock spots off them; be the best.

Effective Marketing in a Nutshell.