About Pistachio

Who are we?

A team of marketing professionals and creative gurus with an excellent track record of blue chip, multi billion pound companies behind us. We have decades of experience in running effective, industry leading campaigns that generate real results.

What we do

We provide the full marketing mix as part of your ‘virtual team’. Whether you need the commitment of a day or two a month, or on a project-by-project basis, alone or as part of your existing team, Pistachio is here for you (and we’re amazing at meeting tight deadlines too).

Why we love it

We are results driven and nothing gives us a greater thrill than seeing your business fulfil its potential. Ultimately we love to see your business knock spots off the competition.

Why choose us

True, there are many marketing professionals who will do a good job for your business. What sets us apart however, is our special Pistachio ‘recipe for success’:

  • Take plenty of dogged determination
  • Add a good dollop of creativity
  • Mix with lashings of competitiveness
  • Combine with extraordinary imagination
  • Blend with incredible originality
  • Finally, whisk everything together et voilà!